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Hello, anyone could tell me what would be the minimum system to have if I wanna play at maximum resolution with that game using Windows 7. Processor, memory and graphic card. Thank you to anyone who takes time to read my question.
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  1. thanks for the link
  2. ct1615 said:
    here is yougamers recommended set up

    if you want to max out shadows, i suggest an ATI 5770 1GB even though there is really no need to max them out since the mid level shadows give you same effect

    I have a 5850 and I can't max out the shadows without getting extreme choppiness and low fps. I have heard that "coding" is the culprit for less than stellar graphic performance even with the best hardware. Or, maybe there is something wrong with my setup (I don't think this is the case but you never know).
  3. While this benchmark is dated, you can use it to compare a 4870 to the 5770. Also note that this is in the Ft. Wildervar area which is not nearly as demanding as other areas.,689378/WoW-Wrath-of-the-Lich-King-Benchmarks-with-Ati-and-Nvidia-graphics-cards/Practice/?page=3
  4. Yes shadows maxed out kills just about everything. I have also heard it was something in the coding for the shadows. I just leave them turned off and max out everything else. I was able to do that with a Core 2 E8190 @ 3.2ghz and an HD 3870 @ 1680 x1050, so it kinda depends on your resolution. Pretty much any modern dual core or better (core 2, Athlon II, and up) with a midrange or better graphics card can play maxed out with shadows off. I currently play @ 2048 x1152 with my current system, maxed out / shadows off, with no issue.

    So for minium I would say Athlon II of around 2.8-3.0, 4gb ddr3, and a 5670/5750/5770 1gb would do just fine.
  5. Thanks for the answers, I will see what I can afford and come back with it.
  6. I have been playing WOW on and off for some years now and the one thing i have learned is that it performs much better with a quad core as opposed to a dual core CPU. I have also used an ATI 5870 and an Nvidia GTX 285 and there really is not much difference, in both cases i am unable to max out everything (including shadows) without choppiness/hit to FPS. This is not true for all areas though, Dalaran is the test bed for anything you want to test out, just near the fountain statue thing near the south bank in Dalaran is the most demanding area in WOW, if you can max out everything and get 60+ FPS in that area, you are good to go. Check my sig below, this is the system i used to test this and i got 45-ish FPS at full max settings in that area.

    Good luck! :)
  7. Yea the shadows for WoW has some coding issues I think. There is no reason such an old game should get low FPS with such graphics cards.
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