Computer won't boot after failed overclock

I have an i3 540 on an intel dh55pj motherboard and i had a stable overclock of 3.5 ghz when i decided that i would try to slightly increase the overclock. There is no way to change the voltage on that mobo that i could find, so i just increased the speed to 3.6 ghz, and then saved changes. Now my computer wont boot. It starts up for a second and then shuts off and repeatedly does this umtil i unplug the psu. I took out the cmos battery for about 5 minutes and reinserted it, but that didnt seem to fix the problem. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Not sure if theres an edit button, but update: if i holdbdown the reset button on my computer case the computer will stay on and make normal noises except for the fan spinning rapidly every 15 seconds or so for 5 seconds. There is no monitor output though and my keyboard does not light up.

    Edit: found the edit button, oh and i fixed it. I guess taking out the battery alone wont reset the bios. I had to find the little switch and switch it.
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