How do i set a default CPU processor speed?

Hello, i have been having problems with my i7 3770k. i have click bios 2 and i OC'd my processor to 4.2 NO PROBLEM AT ALL. the problem was switching back to regular. when i un overclocked my cpu it is now at this...
this speed is too low for me i want it to be at 3.5.

if anyone knows how to fix this problem please let me know, TY

also i should note that my CPU-Z says my computer is going at 3.5MHZ at the beginning but then it just slows down to the above pic^
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  1. That is the way its supposed to work. Speedstep clocks down to save power when not under load. Good to go!
  2. but i don't want to do that.. how do i change it
  3. You want to waste power and wear your cpu for no benefit whatsoever?
  4. my fps is low ingame when my core speed is 1.6 so yes
  5. if your cpu isn't clocking up during gaming, it's a low cpu game. Bring up your task manager while the game is up? are all your cores MAXED? if not, it's not your cpu. My 6 core AMD runs at 800mhz and can clock all cores up as needed up to 3ghz and then turboboost some cores to 3.4 or something. It's the way the cpu is supposed to work. Check to see if your cpu is maxed.
  6. do u guys know how i can keep my cpu at a stable 3.5? i dont rly care about wat u think. my cpu use to stay at a stable 3.5 all day before i overclocked it
  7. Easiest way is to change your power options to max performance.
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