CPU AM3 - Motherboard Compatible?

Hello all T-Hardwarians!

I have a quick, and somewhat odd question I am wanting to have cleared up. Recently, I purchased an AMD Phenom II X4 964 3.4 ghz Processor. Well payday is here and Im gonna grab me a Mobo.

The way NewEgg has their listing confuses me. The chip is an AM3, bu the search on NewEgg asks if I want an AM3 for Phenom II x4.. Athlon, etc etc. All under the AM3 Tag.

So My question, is will my Processor fit ANY AM3 Motherboard? Thanks!
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  1. Yes, all *should* support a 125W 965, most will be ok with a 140w as well. Just Google the motherboard and look up the CPU support list before you buy it, and see what date the bios was revised for it.
  2. :D Nice CPU. If you post your budget for a mobo people can give you recommendations. :D
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