5970 and 2 lcd's for eyefinity

hi guys,

just got my 5970 and and was told that I could initially use 2 lcd's to setup eyefinity..
I know its better with more than that, but I would need to go get a 3rd lcd.

Does this card work with 2 lcd's? in eyefinity? or no?

an ati rep told me ideally youd want 6 lcd's, but its designed to use more than 1, 2-6 is the range to use..the more the nicer..sound accurate?
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  1. I know for sure that you don't need eyefinity to get two monitors to work with your card. Simply plug in your two monitors into the two DVI ports on the card and both will work.
  2. Yea but then you'll have a big black bar in the middle :P
  3. eyfinity does work apparently with 2 cards, but yes, XD is right that bar in the middle of the screen is a bit of a pain in the neck.. :)
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