HTPC Case with 120mm fans

Hi all,
As a starter I'm looking for a good HTPC case that is running 120mm fans inside (good air flow and quiet enough not to be heard) that will fit the following components -

- CPU: i3-530
- MoB: Support ATX / mATX / Both (might be GA-P55-UD4P or GA-H55M-USB3)
- GPU: Passive (might be POWERCOLOR Go! Green AX5670 or Sapphire ATI HD5450 512MB silent-passive)
- CPU Heatsink/cooler: might be Scythe Big Shuriken (~60mm height) or Cooler Master Geminii S (~87mm height) - if you have a good case that won't fit one of them you are welcome to advice regarding other silent cooler that will fit it
- HDD: will include a 1.5TB Green WD HDD
- Case fans: might be changed to NoiseBlocker M12-P 120mm ones to make it even more quiet
- PSU: might include Nexus NX-5000 or Nexus Value 430 or FSP ZEN (400W)

Well, as you can see, I made my homework regarding silent components and now I have to fit them inside your recommended case ;)
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  1. Will it fit all my components (mATX Mob etc ...0?
    Any other suggestions?
  2. +1 for timop
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