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I have a windows XP SP3 box currently working as a fax server with one modem. I have a high amount of traffic in my fax inbound and outbound. I would like to add a second modem so i can have a phone line dedicated to incoming and a dedicated line for outgoing traffic. is this possible to configure using the fax service in windows XP? if so is there anywhere i could get some documentation on how to do so?

thanks in advance!!
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  1. Microsoft Help files.
    If not you can use software that comes with the modems or download free license or open source software from "filehippo" or the likes.
  2. Windows Fax Service only permits 1 fax device on Desktop operating systems such as XP. You'd need to use a different fax application or move to a Server operating system (such as Windows Server 2003 or 2008 or 2008R2).
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