New build keeps locking up?

Hello all, i just finished putting together my first build. The build contains
-MSI 785GM-E65 mobo
-AMD Athlon ii x3 435 processor (completely stock right now)
-Samsung 500gb 7200rpm 16mb cache hard drive
-2gb Super Talent DDRr 1333mhz ram

I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

I am having a few problems with it though. The internet is terribly slow. I was first getting download speeds of 750 bytes a second then i installed the disc that came with the mobo and downloaded all the drivers. Was getting about 10kb/s. Then i went into windows update and downloaded just the Lan driver. Now i am getting anywhere from 25kb/s to 35kb/s. This should be way higher shouldn't it? My last pc that was from 2000 was getting download speeds of 180kb/s. My laptop right next to me is going way faster on the internet.

Also when i am trying to download the windows updates it always freezes up and just sits here. It will do this anytime i am trying to download anything.

Any help? :o
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  1. Internet Provider ??
    Type of Svc ??
    Type of connection / port ??
    Router / Switcher ??
    Users on connection ??
    WEP turned on ?? Firewall ?? Hitch-hikers ??
    Exact OS ??
    Browser ?? Version ??
    Windows speed tweaks ??
  2. Got the internet figured out. Having problems with it locking up though. Appears to be a power supply issue.
  3. I'm going to say this very softly and I am only going to say it one time.

    The link below contains our troubleshooting thread. If you read it very carefully and do/check each and EVERY step (methodically) ... Then, this thread will FIX your problem 90% of the time AND it will ISOLATE your problem to one failed component, the OTHER 10% of the time.

    Do exactly ALL what it says, make NO assumtions, DO NOT skip any steps ...

    ... Or ... die.

    Any questions or clarifications, feel free to ask, during this TS process. It could definately be a poorly seated RAM stick or GPU ... It could be POOR COOLING ...
    ... It could be a brass standoff, making intermittent contact w/back of mobo.

    = Alvin =
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