Will 750w corsair psu suffice my SLI?

I have a core i7 920, 12gb ddr3, 2x GTX 285 (SLI), 3 1TB HD, 1 lite-on recorder.
I'm currently using 850w seventeam but the psu is faulty and I'm planning on exchanging for 750w corsair, will it be enough to run my system smoothly?
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    While the corsair is very high quality and might handle it... GTX 285s are beasts. I would recommend you go higher.

    The Corsair PSU calculator suggests 950-1000w. Its rather conservative, so I think you would be ok with the 850w model--but I wouldnt go lower.

    Edit: Give yourself some wiggle room--especially if you plan to overclock anything. A stronger PSU will run more efficiently and cooler than one running near peak load.

    This is on a mock system, but might offer some perspective as to just how much power you will use in relation to other setups:

    ...with this system it may actually be economical to get a silver/gold certified supply--you might make the money back on your electric bill. Seasonic, Antec, PC Power and Cooling, and OCZ also make some very good high-wattage power supples you could look at.
  2. Well, since you're going with 2 GTX285's, we need the exact PSU model :P

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