FX-6200 Overclocking on ASUS Sabertooth 990FX

Hello everybody I had a question about overclocking my FX 6200 on an ASUS Sabertooth 990FX. The current "Performance" setting in the BIOS has the chip clocked to 4.1GHZ, but my problem is that before I installed the Coolermaster 212 Hyper EVO+ the performance setting had it clocked to 4.4 GHZ. All of a sudden, with no changes on my end, it underclocked to its current 4.1ghz state. Which makes no sense because I have an aftermarket cooler on it now.

I would like to OC it back to 4.5 or (fingers crossed) maybe even 4.7-4.8ghz range. I've never done any extensive overclocking beyond clicking on the TURBO button to automatically do it for me. I'm vaguely familiar with altering the FSB and I know with the FX series you want it set to 200mhz and just mess around with the multiplier mainly. I am by no means past entry level overclocker so feel free to talk me through in baby steps. My only problem is I haven't found a guide on the internet that deals specifically with my FX 6200 and the ASUS board, so if you guys could link me I'd appreciate it. I just want a step by step guide on what to tinker with in the BIOS settings and what I should be looking for to achieve my goal.

Here's my current build:

FX 6200 4.1GHZ with Coolermaster 212 Hyper EVO+
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
Corsair 8 GB 1600mhz
Coolermaster 922 HAF with 4 total fans
Corsair HX850 PSU
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  1. i would say do all your overclocking manually, take your time. Theres no rush to find good performance and stability.

    just increase the multiplier, Stress test, and repeat if its stable. If its unstable. up the voltage a little until it is. When it gets to the point that its to hot to feel comfortable with it. stop right there, if its stable. stick with that frequency if its not enough upgrade your cooling the 212 hyper should be able to get atleast 4.5Ghz and keep it cool if your CPU can handle the voltage of overclocking
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