Radeon 5770 - B:BC2 issue or something else?

I've got a new Sapphire Radeon 5770 in a Core i7 920 system (currently OCed to 3.2 GHz on the stock fan @ stock voltage with 6 GB of OCZ DDR3-1600 @ 1604 MHz as I'm waiting to make a final decision on what cooler I'm going to go with before doing any more OCing), and just started playing the new full version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on it. The problem is that I keep getting strange crashes in multiplayer - the screen locks, and a loud stuttering sound comes over the speakers until I do a hard reset of the system. This will happen either right at the beginning of a multiplayer game, or I can play through a couple rounds before it will spontaneously do this. I've had none of this problem in the single-player version of B:BC2 or CoD:MW2, Far Cry 2, etc. I'm wondering if this is another of the infamous Radeon 5XXX drivers issues (I'm running the most current 10.2 Catalyst and I did a complete uninstall of all prior ATI software before installing them), or if this is likely do to something else? Other possibilities include power supply or overheating issues - I've got a new OCZ ModXStream 600W power supply, and everything is housed in a Cooler Master 690 II Advanced case, so I wouldn't think this is the problem, but HWM shows my CPU idling at about 40C and the 5770 at 43C. HWM also shows my 3.33V rail as being right on, but the +12 reads at 12.27V.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Could also be a server connection problem ! - which sounds likely if it is working fine in single player mode. From what I've heard there has been alot of issues with getting and staying on the multiplayer servers (many people are getting booted every five minutes when the servers do polling.)
  2. That's true - but I've also had server connection problems independent of these crashes, as everyone else has reported, and it's not that I'm getting booted from the game, my whole system is dying in the middle of the game, and the frozen screen + constant stuttering of my speakers (it sounds like the old built-in speaker death-knell for a bad floppy drive actually) makes me think it's not a connection issue.
  3. wow im running nearly exactly the same rig as you are cept im on a i5 750 and im getting the exact same problems , the system dying and the constant stuttering on the speakers , honestly i think its part the game and partly the card.

    I can get the system hanging with the stuttering like within half an hour of exiting the game so i think it might be the card not reacting well to the game. hopefully we can get some major patches out for the card soon. 10.2 didnt fix jack
  4. Interesting - nice (ok, not nice, but edifying) to see that somone else is having a similar crash issue. I had another issue just now actually - the game was running good this morning until I took a break to get some breakfast and reboot my computer, rebooted it, went back into the game, joined a MP, and it immediately crashed. Had to do a hard reset as always, and when I came back, all of my singleplayer campaign (most of the whole thing) was gone, as was all my login and other MP information. Oddly enough, graphical and control settings had been saved.
  5. And at this point I've even removed the OC on my i7 920 so everything is running at stock with fresh drivers and a fresh install of the game, and still having issues. However, it ran for a good two hours this morning with no problems before it wigged out on me again.
  6. I have the same issues. 2 5770s in Crossfire, and the same crashes etc. Only difference is I use older drivers because the new ones give me a blue screen memory dump on top of the crashes, while the older ones only give the crashes.
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