Is OC'ing a newer CPU put out less heat than an older CPU?

This is what I am wondering if I over clock my 3570k to 4.5Ghz will it put out less heat than a Sandy bridge or first gen i5 to the same Ghz? I have been looking at coolers and the most important thing to me is getting the best deal lol. I see the Hyper 212 plus went from $30 a few days ago to $20 after rebate. This looks likes a good upgrade from my stock cpu. I am wondering if I could reach 4.5Ghz w/ the 212. I have also been looking at the ETS-T40, which starts at $35 and has got some great reviews, but at the same time it has more area to dissipate heat I think about 40% more, this will eat a lot more room in my case.

I really enjoy bargain hunting more than having the best system I can have. I would like a cooler to get me to 4.5Ghz.
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  1. In theory, yes it will put out less heat than a Sandy Bridge chip. Ivy Bridge has a lower power draw than Sandy, which directly impacts its heat output.
    However Ivy notoriously has an inferior TIM underneath its heat-spreader than Sandy does, so the heat it generates doesn't dissipate as well, especially once you really start messing with the voltage.

    But yes, a 212 EVO (better baseplate than the 212+) could bring you to 4.5Ghz if you are willing to live with higher temps. Around that kind of frequency is where I think you should get better cooling than the Hyper 212's.
  2. How about will i5's of the same ghz of i7's put out less heat than the i7s?
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    Look it up, the i5's and LGA1155 i7's have the same TDP, so same heat output.
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