AM3 budget mobo

Guys I need a good budget AM3 DDR3 mobo, with a newish chipset, nothing like GeForce 7000.

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  1. *cough* bump *cough*
  2. guys pls post some advice.
  3. Budget/newish chipset?
    Could go for an AsRock M3A770DE for budget, or step up to M4 series for 790 chipset, do you need the board to be hex-core ready?
  4. I have a AMD II 445, and I want to unlock it. Try to anyway.
  5. bump
  6. alright,

    The board looks good for what you want.
  7. Hmm OK , I have a GT240, 2GB DDR2-800. I play on getting this board for the DDR3 supprt as well as DDR2, also the chipset is old. Does this matter?
  8. .....
  9. I stick with my original advice then, if your chips good you will be able to unlock on any board with a 710 upwards chipset, and most have ddr3 tmk,
    sorry for delay in replies, I'm all over the net atm :P
  10. Thanks :D
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