Should i upgrade from E5200 to i5 750?

Hey forum!

I haven't posted for awhile but i sure do miss TH forums! Anyways, it's been awhile since my last (current build)

current system build;
case; antec 300
Motherboard; gigabyte p45-ud3r
cpu; intel core 2 duo E5200 @ 3.875 GHz
Cooler: xigamtech s1283
optical: DVD+R DL writer
ram; g skill 4gb ddr2
Video; ATI HD4850
PSU; antec EA 650w
HDD: 2x OCZ Vertex 30GB RAID 0
1.5 TB seagate
1 TB WD green
monitor: samsung 2226cw 1680x1050

So today, I got in on the i5 750/gigabyte-ud3 deal @ frys for $210 AR. i don't really NEED it per se but it's an insane deal that ive missed out from last time so i decided to order it this time (but able to cancel if necessary) and planning on picking it up tmrw.

I know the i5 750 is a monster in all aspects (except price) compared to the e5200. My initial plan is all of the components except of course, the e5200 cpu, mobo, and ddr2 ram. i consider myself a value-oriented consumer so i keep 2nd guessing myself whether the i5 750 is an overkill or not.

so does anyone have any good advice for me?
i could..
1. rebuild a new system using my old cpu/mobo/ram then sell it on c-list or friend. also, how much should i be expecting to get back from those 3 components (not counting the cost of the other components)?

2. keep my system, dont get the i5. im actually thinking about this since i'm only gaming on a 22", maybe a i5 750 is an overkill? i am a pretty big multi tasker but i dont run anything crazy (no vid editing/etc). i also use it as a htpc and games.

i know thats a lot of scrambled info, but im trying to describe my situation best i can. TH forums has been most helpful for me in the past. i hope i can get some good feedback from you guys! feel free to ask any questions. thx
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  1. DUDE !!! That is a very fast CPU you have and SSDs, too !

    Just put a RADEON 5770 or 5850 in the mobo you already have !

    PCIe3.0 (a major 5-year bus standard) will be out inside of 12 months with NATIVE SATA-III and USB3.0 ...

    ... HECK ... Go for a RADEON 5870! (YES! ... DO NOT SLI AT THIS TIME !)

    >>> In less than 18 months, you will be able to get a PCIe 3.0 Socket 1366 mobo and a second 5870 for DIRT CHEAP !!! That will last you 5 years and your SSDs can surely come along for the long haul !!!! WEEEE !

    = Alvin =
  2. I have to agree with Alvin on this one. You already have a fast computer with a great overclock and unless you need a quad for a specific task such as encoding I would wait. Also as Alvin said your current system will handle a 5850 just fine and @ 1680x1050 a 5850 will last for years.

    You and I are sort of in the same boat so to speak. I also have a Core2 system ( same MB ) and have looked into going with an i5/i7 but I cant really justify it yet. My next upgrades will be SSDs and a new graphics card. Hopefully when Nvidia gets their new parts out prices will drop a bit.
  3. And Socket 1156 is not really much of a step up, in terms of platform bandwidth potential.

    PCIe3.0 and 1366 will be mainstream, in one year (not more). Native future ports, too.

    Hyperthreading quads will be dirt cheap, hex-cores will be $300 (soon enough).

    = I'm just sayin = The best SINGLE GPU you can possibly afford, right now, will be totally portable and cheaply "xFire-twinned", fairly darned soon.

    = Al =
  4. A 5870 would actually be the very best PLAY for total performance and economy as you migrate and evolve ... because ... In 18 months, that 5870 will be a PERFECT candidate for CrossFire and you will be able to get one for <$250 (word!).

    = Al =
  5. Finally, despite your very fast CPU *and* your SSDs ... WE ALL KNOW that the GPU has (much) more effect on "felt" game performance than ANY other component, BY FAR.

    I'm a bit surprised that all this did not occur to you, vividly and blatantly, considering your prowess.

    = Al =
  6. thanks anort+alvin for responding. im pretty satisfied with my comp right now but its just that i was drooling over the i5 when all the reviews for it came out, that i wanted it when i saw such a good deal @frys. i guess i just really needed someone to talk me out of buying it.

    i pretty much have been playing any game i want @ high settings but i guess just wanted to move away from the dying 775 socket and to a more future proof build before my comp isnt worth anything anymore.

    i think im leaning towards not upgrading for now since its not much of an upgrade despite the insane deal @ frys.

    im open to anymore advice as i still have 3 days before i have to cancel/pick it up
  7. Well, I am glad (for your sake) that you are finally starting to "come around".

    I wasn't trying to talk you out of anything ... YOU were trying to talk yourSELF out of a very fine rig, that only needs one thing ... A nice GPU update.

    And, you really lose NOTHING ... You gain a very nice GPU that will be totally "forward portable" and is, in essence and in fact, the new heart of your gaming engine. And it can go anywhere, any-time, and double up, for no money, right when you need it to.

    What's not to love ? ... I am talking you IN to a new gaming engine, . . .

    Start thinking of your computer as more of a peripheral ... any more ... Think of your compute-core as a client or as a "break-out-box", for your GPU. As long as your CPU has 2 cores and a super fast clock, you are golden.

    = Alvin = That is all the prodding and spell-binding I got in me ... Up 2 U .
  8. I'll have to agree with the above comments. In addition, the 4850 is still a strong contender at your resolution and the move to a 58xx would be the only logical upgrade I see. And even then, you would need to evaluate whether the games you are currently playing or plan to play in the near future will benefit from an upgrade.

    In addition, there is much speculation regarding the anticipated release of the gtx 470/80, which may/may not yield enough competition for the 5850/70 to drop in price. Regardless, my point is that it does not appear that you need any immediate upgrades ATM (I could be wrong, I don't know the games you are playing), so waiting for a possible price drop could always save you a bit.

    LGA 775 is dead to anyone looking to buy a new rig, but it's still viable if you already own it. IMO, I would wait until the new microarchitecture releases, and if Intel keeps up with its CPU roadmap... that would be in 1-2 years.

    If I were in your shoes, I would get a refund and pool it towards a either a 5850/70 (as stated above) or a 1920x1080 (1200) monitor. Then again, It helps that I work part-time at Frys and I can tell you with some certainty that there will be more CPU + mobo combos with an i5 in the future. They have also been paired with better boards in the past for nearly the same price, if you REALLY did want one and change your mind. Jus' sayin :D.
  9. getting the i5 is no shame if you really are that enthousiastic about it. I would hold off with the videocards because the resolution you use is not ultra high. Videocards are upgradeable at any moment, and with prices dropping all the time.. id hold it off.

    Basically any game will run pretty nice on that OC, so you do not really NEED a upgrade anyway. Unless you got money to burn and are not sadisfied with current performance, i'd hold it off.
  10. Gedoe_ said:
    getting the i5 is no shame if you really are that enthousiastic about it. I would hold off with the videocards because the resolution you use is not ultra high. Videocards are upgradeable at any moment, and with prices dropping all the time.. id hold it off.

    Basically any game will run pretty nice on that OC, so you do not really NEED a upgrade anyway. Unless you got money to burn and are not sadisfied with current performance, i'd hold it off.

    And I'm sayin' ... There WOULD be shame in goint to an i5, from where he is now at ... shame in the "stupidity" (please forgive).

    I am ALSO sayin' ... IF he wants to spend some money on improving his gaming experience THEN ... A NEW GPU (forget what kind or exactly when), IS the NEXT logical step, UNLESS the PCIe3.0 1366 mobos have been out and reviewed, first ... Guaranteed, they will be on the market one year from today (or less). The PCIe SIG meets (in Taipei ?) in April ... We will have a very good idea after that.

    You just spent a bundle tweakin' that rig and it ain't bad ... at ... all. ... Your experience is limited more, now, by your GPU than by any other factor. Run your current rig into the ground ... Take your new 58xx to your new system, run it some more ... now it is 18 months in the future ... you have your aging 58xx sitting in your new 1366 hex, and you (spoiled brat that you are) are now starting to feel the drag at higher rez ... Hooray! In Sept 2011, that 2nd xFire 58xx is gonna cost $189 ... or less. That will get you another 12 months down the road, and then long anticipated release of "nVidia CUDA Feel-Around 3D (TM)" will force you to scrap those old 58xx dinosaurs.

    Hey! I just had an idea !! If you are really that bored and impatient to get new gear, then you can pass these next few months of waiting by playing cool games on your current gaming rig .... just as it is, right now, with NO upgrades of any kind !! Or ... did your games suddenly stop working, or something?

    = Yer Pal =
  11. thanks everyone for the input. i didnt have to get a refund because frys B&M deals dont require you to pay before pick up. darn... i did by the hyper 212 on amazon for $30 with my GC tho...

    i just figured that i spend so much time on my computer- might as well get the best (reasonable) performance i could.
    I think i was trying to talk myself out of it the whole time, but it really helped that you guys did too. in reality, i dont have that much money to burn as you might suspect. ive been slowly picking up hdd deals via slickdeals or w/e that i deem necessary. i didnt even want that RAID0 SSD config... i got an extra one shipped to me by accident haha.

    i guess final question- im looking to pick up a 24" in the future (prob during BF).
    would an upgrade be recommended then? (either cpu or 5850?) assuming i still have the same rig.

    thanks everyone!
  12. I might go with a 5850 for the new LCD. The CPU will still be fine.

    If you noticed Intel has just released their new 6 core Gulftown product. It is only available in Extreme Edition at this point ( yeah $999 sux ) but hopefully in the near future more reasonably priced versions will be released. Early results from AnandTech look pretty amazing. Maybe in a year or so that same power will be a more reasonabe $300 :love:
  13. CPU still good ... suck it dry. Also live with whatever RAM you already have.

    Go for a 5850 BUT wait till April 15th, or so, to see what pending announcements do to
    "the channel" (Newegg) ... Before acting/purchasing ...

    Truth be told ... I am leaning BACK towards the 5850, ... Rather than the 5870 ...
    Brcause, ... LISTEN ... BECAUSE you will have BOTH the options EIThER to CrossfireX2 it ... OR ... to pitch it out for the latest and greatest replacement.

    You will either be super happy at how incredibly cheap a 2nd 5850 costs (in future) . . . O R . . . You won't feel too bad about ditching it (as you might a 5870 stretch). ... Even so, ... the 5850 will push up to THREE 1080P displays for OTHER APPLICATIONS (HTPC .. EDIT .. etc.) so, some lucky friend or family member might end up being very grateful to you, when you hand it down to them.

    = Al =
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