I can't boot from DVD on my gigabyte ga-880gma-ud2h

I have SATA DVD and SATA HD. Bios settings are all for SATA /AHCI and nothing for IDE. I set boot order for DVD first and it always boots from HD.
When I press F12 to go to boot menu only HD has a '+' next to it. Does that mean my DVD is failing??
Do the SATA slots matter? I have 5 slots and the disks are in slots 0 and 1.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    If you can read/write from the DVD {ODD} then your DVD is fine. Also, if you are trying to boot using an unbootable 'CD/DVD' then it won't boot. Try the 'CD/DVD' in another PC. Some DVD's have an issue working under AHCI so put the HDD in SATA_0 and the DVD in last SATA port.
  2. it is bootable! It worked when I set SATA to "IDE" mode. but it fails when I have "AHCI" model.

    hdd is sata0 and dvd is sata4.

    I just fear when I plug in my IDE HDD, everything will die again.
  3. Look for updated drivers for the ODD; the oddity is your SATA is AMD SATA3. So perhaps both drivers need an upgrade {AMD Chipset + ODD}. Also, your DVD may never accept the AHCI. The difference is negligible AHCI big advantage is hot-swap.
  4. Chek you bios, sata3 controler sata slot4 and 5 you can configure them seperetly from the others (ahci ore ide)
  5. i got the same problem with this motherboard.. first setup 1st boot is cd/dvd drive , 2nd boot is hdrive.. doesnt matter which sata slot u put your hdd and optical drive.. tricky part is usually if u setup like this with other pc,,it will say a prompt press any key to boot from cd or else it will boot to hdrive.. ok here is the solution press f12,while booting up.. you'll see + harddrive now hightlight cdrom then hold shift and + sign then press enter..a prompt will say if you wanna boot from cd? press y and enter.. that's it ...play around on the f12 screen shift and plus sign try those steps....
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