Can i put 3 x 2gb ram in the asrock 870 extreme 3

Hey guys,

I want to buy the Asrock 870 or 880 extreme 3 motherboard and i see a lot of 3 x 2gb sets of RAM.

But does this board support 3 x 2 gb of RAM or only 2 x and 4 x?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Both those MOBOs use Dual/Quad Channel configurations. While you 'can' get a Tri Channel kit that's either Certified or Tested you can ONLY use 2 of the 3 sticks, and No you cannot buy a single stick to make a Quad Channel the will work 'properly.' Theory vs Patrice; the kits aren't matched just for the heck of it.

    Instead go to to MOBO site and D/L the Certified 'Memory List', use the RAM Mfg's online Configuration, or submit a Ticket to the RAM Mfg prior to purchase.

    I would only recommend you buy 4X__GB kit, 2 exact -> 2X__GB kits or one kit. Also, the CPUs with 6-cores often have their 'own list' of RAM.
  2. Oke thanks for the quick response.

    Then i think i go for:
    CORSAIR 8GB (4X2) DDR3 1600 XMS CL9

    but gonna check the memory list first...
  3. From what I know there's no such thing as triple channel (or dual channel) RAM. The memory controller is in the CPU not in the memory so whatever RAM you put in a 1366 rig, it will work in triple channel and whatever RAM you put in a 1156/AM3 rig, it will work in dual channel assuming the RAM is in the right slots, otherwise it wil work in single channel. You can get whatever RAM you want for any system.
  4. ^Reality No; BIN Matching Yes. Taking 'odd' stick and buying another is often a disaster and all too often results in the 'mixed' Channel Failure. The Sets are BIN matched {test results} and then placed into sets that compliment each other. YES, the same EXACT production line yields multiple BINs. You have to remember, example CAS 7 = 7/billionths of a second; BILLIONTHS 1,000,000,000.

    Again, it is a B-A-D idea!

    If your CPU is a Phenom II - otherwise start a Ticket -

    Most of the Corsair XMS work on P55/1156 MOBOs, and I would NOT buy until I verify!
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