New Build, Windows Experience Index Problems

Hey Guys,

New system builder/member....put everything together and got the system up first try. ( Which I was pleasently suprised)


I am having issues with Vista and my Computer Experience Index score.

I get about halfway threw the test and the Screen goes completly blank, but the system seems to keep chugging right along. (I know the screen is supposed to flicker but this last forever) I end up having to reset the system and it boots back up fine.

Ive already played a few hours of games and everything seems to be fine. Temps are all fine.

I think it might just be a bug but anyone have any ideas?

I would really like to get it fixed and get it to rate my new PC.

Everything is running stock...didnt mess with anything major in the bios left everything "Auto"

I could also use some help, getting the right settings for my CPU (volts and multiplier stuff) and my memory (volts and timing etc.)

Amd Phe. 955BE C3 3.2ghz
Ocz Ram ddr2-800 (the ram needs like 2.1v and 4-4-5 timing or something? dunno what im doing here)
Biostar TA90GXE 128MB 5.x (built in graphics disabled and extra memory dim not installed)
Seagate 500gb HD 7200rpm
Antec 300 Illusion (loved building in this, real easy to use)
Thermaltake 500w PSU
XFX Ati 4850 1GB ddr3

Vista 64 Ult. (no updates installed...could this be the problem?)
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  1. No updates at all .... Wow, you re a courageous man.

    Anyway, it could be the problem. Try updating your OS.
  2. Fresh updating as I write this....
  3. Probably should go in and set the ram to the rated specs. It should be stable at defaults, but sometimes it is not. Prime95 and memtest86+ 4 are also good stress test programs.
  4. thanks for the info, everything is good now...did a bit of reading and managed to get the volts and timings set for the ram...after updates to service pack1 the windows experiance bug fixed itself and ran great giving me ratings of all 5.9 in vista 64
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