AMD Build what you think?

I will be buying this tomorrow. I already have a case 932 HAF. and a cd/dvd burner.

1) Will this all work together?
2) Should i change anything to make it better?
3) Will the PSU power CF 5870s + some extra lights and other things i put into my case?
4) Is this video card better then the one i picked? if yes then why? XFX HD-587X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5870
5) Is this ram better then what i picked it says its compatible with am3 and what i picked does not say that?G.SKILL Ripjaws

AMD Phenom II X4 955
XFX HD-587A-ZNF9 Radeon HD 5870


G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB

ASUS VW246H Glossy Black 24" 2ms(GTG)
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  1. Well i did also have a Hard drive picked out but it just sold out so i guess ill get this one.

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD253GJ 250GB

    Will that be ok?
  2. 1) Yes...

    2) Looks good, except the hard drive. I don't know which one was sold out but I would go with the Seagate 7200.12 500GB.

    3) Yes...

    4) Get which GPU is cheapest... Either will perform great :)

    5) Get the RAM you have listed, you'll be fine with the RAM.
  3. I second Tecmo

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