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I have an HD monitor. I have a regular dual monitor video card with DVI and VGA outputs. Do I need an HD video card with HDMI and DVI outputs to get the full benefits of the HD 1080p monitor? Or if i get a blu-ray dvd player on my computer do I need a HD card or what I have is already fine? Thanks for any responses.
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  1. Hey bohica,

    Its possible you would notice some difference between VGA and the digital connections(DVI or HDMI), but the DVI connection should be more than fine for your monitor and is just as good as HDMI.

    If the monitor is a lot bigger you might notice a difference in performance from the card though. If you need upgrade advice come back and ask!
  2. To watch Blu-Ray movies you will need a video card that has HDCP capablities (basically copy protection) and you need to use either DVI-D or HDMI connection; not VGA. I will assume your HD monitor has HDCP capablities since they should all have that by now.
  3. If you have intergrated graphics & a very bad processor (Atom, 1.8GHz C2D) then Blu-Ray playback might stutter & drop-frames, if that happens a cheap 5450 would rectify the situation.
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