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What can I do with Ram disk.

Hello Every One.

I just built a new computer and installed 12 GB corsiar dominator ram 1600. The applications and games I use dont even use 4 gigs of ram. Rest of the memory is always free. I was wondring how can i utlize the free memory ? I checked online and there was a think called RAM Disk. I dont know any thing about this thing. If any one can point me in a right direction. I do use Adobe Master collection CS5 alot. But I have installed that on my SSD and is running faster than ever before. So I dont know what else I can put on my ram as a disk to get more speed or performance.

Here are my system specs..
Asus rampage formula III
Core i7 950 running at stock speed
Corsair Dominator 1600 12 GB ram
OCZ Vertex 120 GB SSD
2x1 TB hitachi 7200 RPM HDDs (software raid0)
EVGA GTX 580 superclocked.
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

The Softwares or Games i usually use are.
Adobe CS5 products.
I play one game at a time for a month or so. Now playing FAR Cry 2 again.

Any advice on how can I better utlize my memory would be great... Thank You Soo Soo much in advance..
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  1. Assuming your bios has the speed set correctly you cant really do anything,
    most games will only use upto 4Gb at the moment and unless your heavily editing/modelling on Adobe I cant see that using up a lot either,
    even adobes page says 2Gb minimum, 4gb or more recommended
    I think you just have a surfeit of usable Ram good sir :)
  2. Thanks for replying Moto..

    I know that the things I am using are not even using half of the memory I have. Thats why I want to know what can I do with the rest of memory. In perticular, I need help with RAM Disk. It creates a disk drive in RAM memory and use it to load, what ever is stored in there, quickly. Thats what I understood after doing a long search on RAM Disk.

    I do know that I made a mistake of buying 12 GB of ram, But what I want to do now is use that ram to some how increase my PC performance. Which I dont think can increase any more since I am using SSD with 285 MB/s as a boot drive. So I do not think even if I put partial operating system on RAM Drive, it will give me any performance boost (I could be wrong here).

    So my question once again is if i use RAM DISK.. What should I put on it, And which software should I use to create RAM Disk. If you think there is another way to utlize the extra memory, feel free to give any suggession. Thank you so much in advance..
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    Like you say, your ssd is already speeding things up,
    I'm not familiar with which programs are best for ramdisk so cant say ones better than another sorry,
    one downside of putting your O/s onto a ramdrive would be having to re-install it everytime you boot so I'd advise against it personally :P
    anything on a virtual ramdisk is lost on powerdown, remember that
  4. Ooooo I did not know that every thong will be erazed on reboot. Well than i guess RAMDisk is not an option for me... Thanks for the reply...
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  6. Adobe CS5 products NEED a lot of RAM especially Photoshop & Premiere and your SSD is NOT a good substitute. While the SSDs are faster they're only about 1.5~2X as fast as a HDD. It's a laughable comparison of SSD to RAM for speed...

    If your Goal is to 'Play' with your Adobe CS5 then you're fine with less RAM.
  7. Sorry for necroing but there is software that writes what's written in ramdisk to an image on your hd then it can auto restore it into your ramdisk when you boot back up. So... It is useful.

    Im hunting around trying to see if I can implement this for myself. Another $50 for 4gb of ramdisk sounds really appealing...
  8. I am working on a workstation build. I will be using a lot of engineering computational software, as well as drafting software like Solidworks.

    A lot of this software, especially some of the older legacy programs I have, seem to use the hard drive a lot. I don't know exactly what they are doing there, but they do not seem well optimized for using only RAM.

    So my chief concern is that if I use a big SSD with the OS and these programs on it, that the SSD will pretty quickly fail from too many write/read cycles.

    So I too was thinking of using a RAM DISK for frequently used files. Not sure if I can figure out exactly what to put on it, but windows page file would be an obvious one.

    I am surprised that there are not a ton of threads on using RAM Disk for just this purpose--protecting your SSD. I wonder if for some reason they really do not work that well?

    I do know that finding a RAM Disk for 64 bit OS is tricky, most do not work well with 64 bit.
  9. i have 16gigs and 12gb are usually free but ram disks are rediculously fast mine is 100x faster than my hdd with isrt 32gb sdd cache so i seriously want to find better use for this, on crystal mark i get 9000+mb/s read 10000mb/s write
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