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I need to make an antenna that will be about 2meters / 6feet long. I am not looking to extend the antennas range, instead I need the antenna to be long enough so I can get a direct line of site around an object. Right now the base is blocked by this object but it can not be moved so my only alternative is to extend the antenna itself.

The connection for the antenna is the basic little screw on connector with two connection points, the inside pin connection and the outside screw on connection. Can I simply take two long cables and connect them to these connections? Do the need to run side by side or does one need to twist around the other one? Do the cables need to be connected to each other at the ends?

Any concepts, links or basic ideas would be very helpful.
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  1. I'd check to see if your AP can turn diversity off, which would only use one of the posts transmit/receive. Next, I would suggest buying instead of trying to make your own dipole (antenna). Either way, you need what's called a pigtail that will connect the post to the antenna. Usually a pigtail will be something like RG-58 or RG-59 however you can use something thicker as well, like LMR 200 or LMR 400 if you really want low loss on your pigtail. You'd use whatever type connector on your AP posts, generally Reverse Polarity, either TNC or possibly SMA connectors. Depends on the Mfg of your AP. The antenna will either use a R-TNC connector or some will use Type N connectors. Usually the pigtail connectors will be male and the antenna or AP posts female but that is not a definite, just the norm. If you want to make your own there is no shortage of websites that will walk you through it. Your better off longterm buying something online that is made by someone/or a company that knows what they're doing. If your industrious and good with electronics you may do fine however.
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