What computer CPU is the equvelient of the Xbox 360 CPU?

Does anyone know what the Xbox 360 CPU equals in desktop CPUs?? I read it has a tricore 3.20ghz processer but that sounds like there is a catch there somewhere. I have the same question about the PS3 CPU as well.
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  1. Xbox is 3.2Ghz Xenon Triple core hyperthread In-order processor. (it processes instruction in order unlike pc processors) It has a theoretical peak performance of 115.2 gigaflops.

    Playstation 3 is a 3.2Ghz Cell based processor which consists of one Power processor and 7 'co-processors'. PlayStation 3's Cell CPU achieves 204 GFLOPS

    Interestingly, IBM had a hand in both processors as they are both developed from the PowerPC processor..
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