Coaxial Output on EP31-DS3L

Hi, i have an EP31-DS3L which has 2 digital outup, one coaxial and another optical. I connected the coaxial to my home theater and tryed to activate the digital output, but it doesn´t work. I found in other posts that the problem could due to the driver, so i updated them but the problem remains.
Please help me to solve it....
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  1. Have you done this?

    Go to the sound manager, check the tabs at the upper left:

    Here, you can see mine is defaulted to speaker out (shows the peculiar looking checkmark); select the "digital output" tab as shown, click on the "Set Default Device", checkmark should move here:

    That should do it!
  2. i have another screen, but it doesn't allow me to change digital settings.
  3. I will be assembling a system today (and maybe tomorrow) that likely has that same driver (in inglese, se vi piace!), and will try to figure out where to make the setting...
  4. mothertong german, italian fluently....english is also OK; so the choice to you:D
  5. Well, a thousand apologies, and a couple ^%$#'s - nothings happening on my end for a few days - some idiot (name of bilbat, I believe) ordered a cheap board for someone, and an IDE DVD, like he always does, to conserve on SATA connections - then discovered one of the reasons the GA-H55M-S2V is so cheap is it has no IDE connector! Duh!

    Hmm.. German is a sore point with me - grandparents were immigrants, and spoke German all the time - EXCEPT 'around the kids'! Thought we ought to just speak English (a sentiment that seems to have vanished among our current crop of immigrants...) - so, could have learned it 'for free', with no effort, but robbed! The only thing I ever learned was when grampa'd burn himself welding, or hit his thumb nailing, THEN I'd learn a choice few words! Had to struggle later with Spanish & French, nuns beat Latin into me - and am currently working on Mandarin...
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