9800 SLI 8400GS?

Hi all,

My computer came with a 8400GS, 256MB DDR2. I quickly upgraded to a 9800GTX+ (512MB GDDR3). It has served me very well, while the 8400GS has been gathering dust in my basement. My question is: Is it worth it to try to SLI the 8400 with the 9800? I know the 8400 isn't a great card by any means, but if it would improve performance even a little, I'd be willing to try it. It might hurt performance, not quite sure. The specs on the 8400 seem to say no SLI, but mine has an SLI pin, so not sure on that either.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    You can't SLI a 9800GTX with a 8400GS,the cards have to be same.
    More about SLI/CF:
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  3. Thanks, Maziar. I wasn't aware of that... (d'oh). It's not a big loss, I was just wondering. I might start saving up for another 9800 ($135 ATM)... I think that would give me the most performance boost for my buck.
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