Network controller vanished?

Hello, My network controller and drivers will not install. I have a dell dimension C521 and will the drivers from dells support site my computer will not install them. I feel like it may be some kind of physical failure on the motherboard, but if there is a chance i can fix it, im open to anything. one thing is for sure ive never had this much trouble with drivers on a fresh windows xp install. i may just install windows 7 to see if network is still AWOL. like i say i have all the files and they refuse to install.
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  1. What do you mean refuse to install ?
    Stop with an error, blink out, finish installing but do not show up ?
    Reset CMOS, go to Bios and setup hardware again, see if that solves it.
    CMOS batteries go bad, you would do well to check the battery too.
    Last resort, re-flash bios with the most stable version (no beta).
    How old is the system ?
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