Cant get TA790XE mobo to recognize Phenom II 955

I just installed a new TA790XE mobo which has AM2+ socket. I also clean installed Windows 7 32-bit onto this machine. It detected my old Athlon64x2 CPU just fine, but when I plug in the Phenom II x4 955 my computer will power up but I get nothing displayed on screen.

When I load the Biostar TA790XE driver CD it only seems to contain files for WinXP/Vista, but as I browse the Biostar website for the Windows 7 drivers I just get confused, and Biostar tech support is unreachable until monday. I dont know if I need to update the chipset or what. When I download certain files and extract with zip extracter I browse the files but dont find anything Windows 7 related. I believe the BIOS is updated as I was able to pull the BIOS auto-updating tool off the Biostar website and it says there are no versions left to install.

Im trying to get acclimated to Windows 7 after using WinXP for the better part of a decade, and on top of the hardware changes, I am pretty overwhelmed :pt1cable:

Any advice is much appreciated!
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  1. Try flashing the BIOS & then updating it.
  2. BIOSTAR mobo had issues. I returned it, got an MSI 700-c45 with the same CPU support and it worked flawlessly, no driver update or bios flashing needed right out of the box.
  3. Well then, problem solved.
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