Gtx 550ti oc ?

Hey, I would like to know will overclocking the gtx 550ti will give me an increase in fps while playing battlefield 3 ? How much more fps can I get ?
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    You get much less of a performance increase out of GPU overclocking than you do from CPU overclocking. I'd say its around a 3-4 increase in FPS for a ~10% overclock. That being said, you may as well overclock, there is almost risk involved with GPU overclocking.

    To overclock, I would download RivaTuner and furmark. Run furmark in the background while you slowly increase clock by ~5Mhz. Make sure no artifacts start to appear then increase it another 5Mhz. Once your computer crashes or a lot of artifacts start to appear, back the clock down ~10-15Mhz and let furmark run for another 15 mins or so, making sure the temperatures stay within reason and your computer doesn't crash again.
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