I7-930 vs i7-875k


I'm looking to build a new PC. As usual just when I think I know what I want my eyes are attracted by the newest, shiniest toy on the market. I had a look for similar questions on the forum but nothing came up, so unless I'm really naive and I'm asking something obvious I guess I could be one of the first to raise this question :sol:

My question is around whether people would recommend the i7-930 or the i7-875k. It seems like they will both overclock pretty nicely (I'm only going to use a good air cooler) and they are priced in the same ballpark (with the i7-930 a little cheaper). However, while the i7-875k is unlocked it's on a LGA 1156 motherboard vs the i7-930 which is on LGA 1366. So I'm left confused.

Anyone got any thoughts?

Thanks for your comments
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  1. the 930 is mainly a gaming chip while 875k is a more efficent chip
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Both are great CPUs and OC well.
    Socket 1366 motherboards support future 6-core CPUs and support SLI/CF @ dual 16x,and also tend to OC better;on the other hand,socket 1156 motherboards don't support 6-core CPUs and support SLI/CF @ dual 8x(not a huge difference though).
    Since i7 930 is cheaper,i would go for it,but like i said both are really good boards
  3. Great, thanks for your answers guys.

    I am actually thinking of doing crossfire with 2 x HD 5850s; so, however small, it would seem sensible to go with a 1366 motherboard
  4. i own the 920 like they said it is a great chip and overclocks to over 4 gigs esely however i will add it runs real hot
    and im not saying my chip is overheating but i can feel the heat coming off my water cooling radiator like i never felt it on my q6600
    honestly i think id go for the i7 95 watt first
    i belive my 920 is a power hog i heat up my office to rediculess levels im gona have to install an extractor
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