Whats better for overclocking p67 or z77 plateform

heres my dilema, ive got p67 plateform mobo, but wondering when i upgrade to a 3770k will the p67 mobo be more difficult to overclock with and will i be limited by this chipset versus a z77 board.

WindowZ 7-ulti x64

Cooler-Master 690 Advanced Atx Case.

Razer Black-Sharks Battle-Field3 Edition he@d-phon3z

Corsair 850 Watt Modular Power-Supply

Corsair Vengeance Black Lp 16 Gig Kit 8x2gigs Ddr3 1600mhz

Crucial m4 256gb ssd drive

Seagate 2tb Sata3 Hard-Drive.

Western Digital 640GB Caviar Green SATA2 3GB/S 64MB Cache 3.5IN Internal Hard Disk

GalaxyTech Geforce Gtx 660ti 2gb Gc Edition

Cooler-Master Quickfire Mx Cherry Blue Mechanical Keyboard.

Corsair M60 Killer Mouse

Roccat Taito MousePad

creative gigabit t40 speakers

Lg Flatron E2442 Monitor Led 24 Inch

Micro$oft Xb0x360 Gamep@d

i5 2500 non-k

p67a-gd43 msi. mobo

thats what i got now.

wondering whats best for me.

and if its worth changing mobo to z77 if im gonna oc.

i want the simplest way to overclock. nothing too complicated as im new to overclocking. ive done it but not on a longterm time lenght just for testing and for the knicks of it.
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    Make sure to update the BIOS before putting in the Ivy chip, otherwise it wont work outright.

    I think overclocking headroom will come down to the board itself, not its chipset. If all your after is a basic every-day overclock, I wouldn't worry about an old board potentially holding you back.
  2. ive got the latest bios man-of-chalk, now just wondering what benefits id get from the z77 compared to the p67 plateform :P
  3. The typical chipset stuff, I thought this was just related to overclocking potential.

    SATAIII, USB3 internal headers, PCI Gen 3 (its all 3's!), SSD caching options, integrated graphics support. Sure there's more but that's the notable stuff.
  4. im just asking for overclocking, but neverhurts to know the extras :P
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