ATI Eyefinity or Nvidia 3D vision

I have been thinking about my new build and have been looking at ATIs' Eyefinity and Nvidia 3D vision. They both look amazing and on the cutting-edge, which I personally love. I have got two old 19" lcds' with a res of 1440x900 each. If I got the ATI option I would probably get a bigger middle screen (24"?) and have the 19" on the sides. If I got the Nvidia option I would need one of the new 120Hz monitors and a pair of 3D glasses which would be more expensive. Both of them look amazing but I do prefer 3D vision even with the price, what are your opinions and please tell me why because I am a bit confused.
Thanks :)
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  1. I honestly tend to like the nvidia's solution more too. I have seen both in action, and of course Eyefinity is awesome, but personally i find 3d-vision reaching a much higher level of immersion than playing on 3+ screens.

    This being said if you already have 2 other screens, eyefinity would be by char a cheaper solution. In addition, 120hz are very pricy right now.

    So... if you are a 3d enthusiast, go for nvidia's solution. If your budget is low, then go for ati's solution. Else... keep thinking about it :P?
  2. depends on what you want, do you want more screen real estate or do you want a 3d experience

    personally i would go for the eyefinity setup, though i would want matching monitors and turn them 90 degrees so i wouldn't have really wide screen setup (3 x 1080P -> 3240x1920)
  3. You can read this thread everything you need to know is there.
  4. Thanks for your reply, if my budget
  5. is tight I will get Eyefinity as it still looks amazing.
  6. 3D vision works with very few games, and of the ones that work few actually provide a good experience.
  7. There is a slight flaw in your eyefinity plan in getting a 24" center screen with 19" side screens. Your middle screen will be limited to 1440x900 while having eyefinity active. But when eyefinity is disabled you can use your 3 screens in extended mode on your desktop, then you could use the native resolution (1920x1080 im assuming). Considering that you might want to look into getting a 3rd 19" 1440x900 screen instead of a 24" 19920x1080.
  8. personally, i would prefer eyefinity. though both have their merit.

    i see 3dvision as just a gimmick, it doesn't really add anything to the game. whereas the increased real-estate of eyefinity actually allows you to see more (instead of it just seeming like theres more). eyefinity is also much more widely supported.

    plus, its awesome for online gaming to give you the edge over single screeners :)
  9. FOV > 3D all the way IMO.

  10. Unfortunately as you now have seen, it really is personal opinion. The only way you will really know which you prefer is trying both (how you'd do that I don't have a clue). I've heard from people who love each and each certainly has its merits.
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