How in gods name do i mark question with an answer

i've asked 2 questions on here in the last 30 min. about the same thing but my questions are marked question without an answer. how do i freakin change that so people will answer my question. 1 of them has like 20 views and the other like 15.
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  1. acquire a bit of patience, its late on a friday night for people in the US so you wont get a ton of answers right away, and most threads take about 30 views before they get their first reply anyway.
  2. A link in this thread to the one in question probably would've gotten me to take a jab at your Q.

    It will probably get answered, although I had one posted and never got an answer, lol. So, its not the end of the world either way. = P
  3. Patience...
    The first step to get good answers and lots of replies is to create a very easy to understand and specific top title....if your topic title is "OMGOGM HELP SOMEBODY PLZPLZPLZPL ANSWER" then i can garentee you won't get view or replies. Why? Because a person won't know what you are asking and won't go through the effort to click on the thread. Therefore you need state your problem in a short/sweet/concise manner thats easy to interpret.
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