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So I just recently bought a WD 1TB Hard drive. Can I use Driveimage XML to clone all the data I have from my primary HDD to this one, then use this one to boot windows? I'm pretty new to how this all works out. What I'm trying to do is make my new hard drive my primary one, without having to lose all the data. Also, after cloning, is it advised to swap the SATA's so my 1TB hard drive will be SATA 1 while my other one, SATA 2?
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  1. I do not know the program but doing that is what cloning is about, so booting up should not be an issue. No real need to swap connectors you specify in BIOS which HDD to boot from which then becomes C drive!
  2. Oh, is it possible for you to teach me how to specify it in bios? Would be extremely appreciated :)
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    It depends on motherboard but usually it is a list with boot priority with all drives, some newer boards have a submenu to choose between HDD. OLD but Useful article,1200.html
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