Why does all the i5 3450 cpu's on passmark almost double my benchmark

Hey all, ive been looking at passmark. I do understand that passmark isnt all that accurate but cpu's with very simular mobo's almost double the speed in the cpu benchmark section of mine, why is this? they all seem quite simular on all the other i 5 3450's apart from mine, also it is overclocked to 3700mhz to, with the ram clocked at 1800mhz, im just a bit dissapointed :-(
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  1. Set cpu and ram back to default and try again.
  2. ive got like 4 different baselines from default to overclocked step by step and still nothing like the other cpu bench's mines like the lowest there, am i doing something wrong? cheers
  3. Hard to say without any details of your system and the benchmark setup.
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