Choice between two...?

So I've found these two cards. Which should I go with, and why?

Thanks a mil for your advice! Or if you have *another* card you'd recommend, please do so!
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  1. I say go with the Sapphire card. They are a quality brand. (the second link) Plus it has two crossfire links on it for quadfire.
  2. @Frizankie

    Why are you hesitate to go for the HD5770 while it is merely $5 more?

    BTW, this one is also a good pick if you want double life time warranty.

    However, make sure that you register within 30 date of purchase or you will lose double life time warranty!
  3. @andy: but arent they both HD5770s? Is there a difference I'm missing?
  4. Saphire is a much more famous ATI card manufacturer, but that XFX card comes with better cooler and double lifetime warranty. That's all!
  5. Id get the Sapphire 5770 over the HIS 4870, it is $5 more but it has DX11 for futureproofing, more power efficient ect. The performance is a little lower with the 5770 but that will be recouped with driver updates.
  6. One is a older 4xxx series 4870 which will outperform the 5770 by about 10% in DX9/10.

    The other is a newer generation 5xxx series 5770 which supports DX11. The other advantage of the 5770 is power consumption savings which while it might only save you $5 a year, it will keep your case inside a bit cooler. Also if your PSU is already close to it's limit, it will put less load on your PSU
  7. Ah, okay My bad. I was confused on the ones I linked :p
    I'm kind of inclined to go with the XFX card now, warranties are always a huge plus! And I don't know too much about cooling, but it sounds good. I appreciate your help!!
  8. Definitely, XFX - for the warranty.
  9. What about the juniper xt version of the card? It seems almost the same, but it says it comes with a crossfireX bridge. The reviews on that one scare me a little though... Only slightly. I have a feeling its just people who don't know what they're doing enough to fix any bugs or problems they might have.
  10. Juniper XT is the code name for the 5770/5750 chip so they would be the same as any other 5770.
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