Is this CPU gonna bottleneck 2x4870?

My friend has this CPU:
He now want to get 2 4870s and xfire them. Just wondering if this CPU gonna bottleneck the the 4870 xfire? thanks!
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  1. yes is will drag the 4870's down a bit but a good cpu cooler and a decent overclock should help a lot
  2. Bottleneck? No, not really.
    Come on, a good dual core running at 3.1 ghz is NOT going to bottleneck a couple of 4870's in Crossfire.
    Now, will the 4870s scale upwards and provide more performance if the processor was faster?
    Yes, they will scale nicely if you do overclock, but that processor is fine for putting a couple of 4870's into crossfire.
  3. thanks guys, i'll oc the cpu for him
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