Is my RAM performing at full speed?

I've read good reviews about the RAM but they also say something about modifying the voltage to get full speed or something.

Here's the RAM and the specs.
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  1. Yep. 6400/8 = 800 MHz / 2 = 400 MHz ; DDR = Double Data Rate.
  2. TY~!
  3. Sorry to but in but what about DDR3? How do you know if it's running at full speed?

    Can you check mine also?
  4. ^ 10700/8 = 1337.5 {1333 MHz RAM}/2 = 667 so you're actually OC @ 1370 {the FSB or BCLK} varies slightly. Bottom-line, you are running correctly for rated speed.

    DDRx - ignore the x = version; DDR = Double Data Rate.
  5. Ah, i ind of understand how to calculate it, thanks a lot~ =D

    I don't think I OC'd my system... Hm...

    Anyway thanks a lot~
  6. As I stated {the FSB or BCLK} varies slightly.
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