Can I use a back up partition on an old HDD with a new Mobo and CPU?

I hope this is the right place to ask this. I got this HP Pavilion for my birthday about 4 years ago and it has a Phenom X4 processor in it which just isn't cutting it for me anymore. I wanted to upgrade to some other CPU but my main question is whether or not I could use the partition on my hard drive for the factory restore to reinstall the OS assuming the new hardware rejected the old hard drive?

And, on a side note, if I upgrade to another AMD processor is it likely that my hard drive will work with the new mobo and cpu?
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  1. Mobo change calls for a new OS install! Just swapping CPU and you can still use the existing! The hard drive will work if correct interface but OEM windows will not.
  2. So the secondary partition with back up won't work as a way to reinstall the OS I currently have?
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    CPU upgrade = OK, no OS reinstall.

    CPU & Motherboard = NOT OK. Need new licensed copy of OS.

    Either way, the hard drive should work in the new PC, but upon first boot up, you will get several error messages: "hardware mismatch."
  4. Cool, thanks for clearing that up for me guys!
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