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I'm looking for better airflow in my case, I have the Raidmax Raptor case. The case came with 4 fans 2 on top, 1 in front, and the exhaust fan. I installed a Corsair H60 Liquid CPU cooler and has 2 fans on the radiator. I flipped the exhaust fan so it pushes air from the outside to the radiator and installed the fan that came with the H60 so it pushes air from the case also to the radiator. The 2 fans on top where supposed to push air out from the case but I switched one around for some reason...The fan in front also intakes air. And I also installed a separate fan to push air into the case from the side door. All fans that came with the case aren't the best...they hardly move any air even if I crank up max speed with the built in fan controller. So their is basically 1 exhaust fan which is on top but hardly pushes any air out even at max speed. I could say I have managed the cables pretty well...only cables in the open space are the side fan cable, 6 pin pci cable and 24Pin power connector cable...and of course the 2 radiator tubes. All fans are 120mm. I can say I have no knowledge in case airflow so I need your help to make it better...I have to clue if my "fan setup" is bad or good so can y'all help me out? I also have a Evga GTX 650 video card installed, and the outer "shell protector" is fairly"open" you can see the the heatsink and such so I'm guessing the hot air from the video card never gets fully exhausted.

I will also be purchasing better fans to replace the not so great pre-installed fans.
How my fans are setup.

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  1. The Intakes and Exhausts should match as close as possible in order to avoid positive pressure or negative pressure issues. I have heard arguments on both sides, and the final verdict is determined by which layout gives the lowest temps.

    Your ideas are definitely worth a try. The conventional wisdom is Intake = Front, Side, Bottom, and Exhaust = Top, Rear.

    The goal is to obtain the lowest temps. - Do not be afraid to experiment.
  2. Your case probably doesn't have any real airflow at this point because all the fans are working against each other. You'll be best off to get all the fans working together to keep a nice cool breeze flowing through your case. Set those top two fans to exhaust, as well as the fans on the rear. You'll have air flowing in from the front bottom and out through the top rear.

    I promise this will give you better temps.
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