How to remove keyboard on Advent 7301

hi there, great site this tom!!! i am looking for help on getting to the power connector inside an advent 7301. i have unscrewed all screws on base and under the hard drive and have read that to take the bottom off, i need to locate screws under the keyboard. i cannot see any clips to release the keyboard, around its edge. any help would be great :o) thanks
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  1. is this a laptop?
  2. yes, it's a laptop
  3. well when i googled it the only resulti got wasthis thread :(
  4. This is a rebadged Quanta PL5C.

    Normally, there is a single screw on the base that you remove, and then look along top and sides of the keyboard for little tabs that you need to push down/in to release the keyboard.
  5. i have googled for ages, and did find the info re Quanta PL5C, thank you. Where the plastic casing goes around the edge of the keyboard, if i lift the top bit by the top of the keyboard, it shows that the keyboard has tabs that are moulded and if would appear that you need to lift off this plastic surround to get the keyboard out as its like "putting a square through a round hole" if you know what I mean - but pulling this casing off is proving difficult. It's a hard one this. If anyone has an Advent 7301 and has taken theirs apart, please let me know, its driving me crazy. Yes, i have removed keyboards before by pushing in tabs etc and there doesnt appear to be another screw to release from underneath. i just need to get into the thing to resite the dc power connector which has fallen inside. thanks for your help thus far :)
  6. just infront of the F* there is aq small hole, pop it up then pop the rest of them up at "esc, F4, and del" then push the screen forward then it will lift off :)
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