What is the tdp for chipset gf6100igp+nf430mcp ?

I am wondering the tdp for GeForce 6100 IGP and nForce430 MCP. Since I would like to built a low cost machine with a AthlonII 2650e processor.
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  1. For the nForce430 MCP, it's 95 W max. I was unable to find one for the GeForce 6100 though.
    It beats me why you want to build a m/c with such outdated components. You could get a modern pc with future upgradability for as low as $300
  2. I am thinking of building a low tdp consumption itx for homeserver.

  3. chipset,

    i couldnt find a definitive tdp for the chipset
  4. the TDP of the chipset
  5. Orginally, I was thinking about to get an Atom230 itx. However I found out that most Atom230 itx boards are equipped with chipset 945GC+ICH7 and the total tdp of the atom230+945GC+ICH7 is around 30w.

    Last week, my friend show me his asrock A780GM-LE with a a AthlonII 2650e processor. The tdp of this combo is around 30w as well.

    Therefore, I am wondering an itx board with outdated chipset like GF6100 IGP and nF430 MCP with a AthlonII 2650e whether may achieve a lower tdp.
  6. Quote:
    With an 2650e, the whole system will barely use 45W under full load.
    The power usage for the MCP61/Nforce 430 is around 20W.

    many thx!!!
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