Trying to overclock my laptop with k10stat! Please help!


I am trying to overclock my HP 2000 Notebook PC. It is a laptop with a amd e350 dual core processor (1.6 ghz) with 3 gb ram and a AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics card. My bios are locked, so I can't overclock through that.

I tried to overclock my GPU using MSI Afterburner, but it had no effect. I tried numerous programs to overclock my CPU, but none of them worked with my processor or motherboard (AMD A40/A50 Series FCH), but eventually I found that k10stat worked with my board.

I got that, and I had NO clue what ANY of the stuff in the program meant. I eventually figured out that the "frequency" is my processor speed, and adjusting the FID and DID change it. After messing around with it for a while, I did this:

I pressed apply, and CPU-Z recognized my new CPU speed, but no performance changed at all. I tried the benchmark in Resident Evil 5, and I was still getting 13 FPS on average, like always. I played around with more of the settings in k10, and sometimes, when I changed a lot of values, my computer would totally lock up, or there would still be no performance boost.

How can I do a proper overclock with my system? Please do not reply with a message like "don't overclock laptop, it bad" or "ur pc gunna BLOW if u OC dude". I understand the risks. Does my system not support overclocking at all? Does my CPU not work with overclocking? What about my GPU? If you could leave some instructions on how to overclock my CPU or GPU with k10stat, or another program, that'd be great!

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  1. Quote:
    Please do not reply with a message like "don't overclock laptop, it bad" or "ur pc gunna BLOW if u OC dude".

    you already know the answer. And you spec is weak to begin with, no amount of overclock is going to help.
  2. What do you mean I know the answer? I can already play games like MW2 and Battlefield 3 (On medium-low) with this computer, but a small boost via overclocking would really help. Overclocking laptops is possible, just google it. I have successfully overclocked my GPU, but now I'm looking to overclock my CPU. I am only looking to do a minor overclock (Like from 1.6 to 1.9) which would give me a great boost for gaming. Overheating isn't much of a problem with this laptop, as it has a very powerful cooler, and a minor overclock like 1.6 to 1.9 wouldn't create much heat to begin with. I have seen people overclock 1.6 ghz to 2.3 without too many problems, and even the AMD e300 to 1.8 ghz. Can anyone else help me?
  3. I gave that a go, but then I found all these videos like this one ( about how using Brazos tweaker on the Amd e350 is a "glitch" and the CPU-Z read is false, and overclocking with it has no effect.

    I've tried everything, either the program I use doesn't support my CPU or Mobo, or it does, and overclocking has no effect. With k10stat, my PC either locks up completely when I try to OC, or nothing happens. To confirm k10stat doesn't work, I set my processor to 5.0 ghz, and nothing happened. CPU-Z said it was running at 5.0 GHZ, but there was no temp change, no performance change, nothing. Can someone help me? I really want to do a minor OC with my laptop.
  4. Nobody else can help me?
  5. bastianblaze said:
    Nobody else can help me?

    HI Bastianblaze.

    Unfortunately, your laptop is no where near the casual gaming experience you want. Your probably playing mw3 and battlefield 3 at very low resolutions. I can gurantee your not enjoying it.

    The gpu 6310 and cpu e450 are not meant to do play modern games like resident evil 5. To play such games, you will need at least a much higher clocked gpu that are included in the Quad core Amd APUs today.

    Sorry bastian.
  6. Try using a program called brazos tweaker. Just google "Brazostweaker" (No spaces) and click on the one with the or something like that. I got my amd c-50 dual core up from 1 GHz to 3.9 GHz with CPUz confirming the overclock. Went from playing cod4 MW on low, to extra settings. Hope this helped.
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