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OK, I had a BFG 9600 GT OC and it did pretty good. I wanted to step it up a bit so I got a 4850X2; so far I'm not impressed. This is my first ATI card and despite hearing about driver issues if had good reviews. So far I think the 9600 is by far the better card. Can anyone tell me what I should be looing for in regards to the catalyst and enabling X-fire. My 3Dmark isn't even on the chart and what I can remember, the 9600 got 4X the score as I do with this new ATI card. Any help for a nob GPU user would be grate, THANKS. I'll see if I can post a screen shot of the 4850X2. :fou:

test #1--34.04
test #2--40.27
CPU: 4419
test #1--501.97
test# 2--6.84
Feature Test
# 6--99.82
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  1. When you switched cards, did you do a full reformat/reinstall of windows or use driver sweeper in safe mode? Going from NVidia => ATI without extreme caution can cause severe issues. Also, what driver set are you using?
  2. No but I uninstalled the nVidia drivers and all and restarted befor I loaded the ATI drivers and Catalyst.
  3. Driver Packaging Version 8.681-091124a-092500C-ATI
  4. go to amds/ ur card manufacturers website and download the latest radeon drivers. and i agree use driver sweeper or some related program and get rid of any leftover files from nvidia that may be causing problems.
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    That isn't necessarily enough. Don't ask me why, but sometimes you have to do more than uninstall the drivers. Worth a shot at any rate.
  6. I'm downloading a new driver package and I'll check out the driver sweeper in a bit. Thanks, I'll see if that help any. I just got 7 loaded and configured how I want it, so reloading just to be able to use this card is a bit much; it can go beck to the egg.
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