How to choose and motherboard that supports overclock

Hello, I am going to get a i5 3570k processor and i am planniing to overclock it to around 4ghz. However i know little about motherboads and i am wondering if the ASRock Z77 Pro3 would supprt that.
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  1. Yes. I have a i5-2500k and ASRock z77 pro3, I reach 4.4GHz. CPU temps never exceed 65C with cooler master Evo.

    So hitting 4.0 with Ivy should be doable. The pro3 is good for mild overclocking.
  2. previous pro3 was a pretty good mobo esp for its price. so i think yeah you could oc.

    are you planning on buying or is it what you have now? if you have it already, just check the bios to see what you can do.
    if you are not familiar yet with oc'ing i suggest you read some guides first.
    if you are familar then start crunching :)

    i have extreme4 (z68) and i remember pro3 as one of my choices back then
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