Need to install addition MB drivers like "intel chipset driver"?

hey guys.
i just bought new hard and making new PC, and i'm so happy!

Asus 58x P6T - Deluxe v2
Intel i7-960
2x Asus ati radeon 5870 1Gb
2x ssd 128Gb raid-0
2x hdd 1Tb raid-1

First day i just insert all parts in to my case, and hide everything inside, to make amazing cool territory. And second day, now i'm installing PC.
I setting up everything in bios, to make PC load fast like hell, and combine ssd and hdd in to raids, install windows 7 64 bit on ssd raid-0, update it. Install my antivirus, and now i'm looking forward to install my drivers, but i'm not sure that i need to do it, because everything working correct and perfect. Or i need to download latest drivers from Asus web site, and install them anyway?
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  1. No. When I reinstalled windows 7 ultra a few days ago, I disabled the windows 7 updates and noticed my pc was faster. But I still use microsoft's security essentials software for virus protection.
  2. Though everything works basically perfectly with drivers that come with Windows, you still need proprietary drivers for your hardware. Windows comes with generic drivers.

    Example: Windows has drivers for your graphics card. But you want to install manufacturer's drivers to take full advantage of the card, to play games and such. I believe you cannot run crossfire ( you have two display adapters ) without AMD display adapter drivers.

    Same is true for other add-on hardware and for components on the motherboard. Chipset, ethernet, audio, storage controllers, etc.

    Therefore, you must visit Asus download center to download the most recent drivers for your motherboard.

    Windows updates are also very important not only for security but also for application compatibility and reliability.
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