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The fan of my Sapphire HD 4890 is already starting to have issues after less than a year of use. To be short, as I'm writing this the card is sounding like a chainsaw or drill. Strangely, in light of this, the card is still being properly cooled.

I don't feel like RMAing the card as Sapphire seems to charge an admin fee for RMAs ($15USD?) and on top of that, I'll probably have to pay the same amount again in postage.

So, can anyone recommend some moderately priced aftermarket coolers for the HD 4890, preferably available in Canada?

As well, I've read some blurbs about the need to cool the VRMs? Is this necessary? Does anyone have any insight about this and is there anything else I should know?

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  1. If you want a more conventional cooler (though obviously not as good as the one posted above) this cooler works great on my 4850.

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