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hi there every one.can i change the display adapter,i have laptop of acer aspire 5542 which have ati display card ati radeon hd 4200 internal dac.
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  1. Its generally impossible to change video cards in laptops as most of the time theyre soldered onto the motherboard, if not laptop cards are very hard to find... better off getting a new laptop with better graphics
  2. thas the limitations with laptops - good for braggin when u first buy them, then ur going downhill after that.

    go with p1n3apqlexpr3ss - buy a new laptop with higher grafix specs.
  3. I'm gonna have to say no. If you do not want to buy a new laptop, then you may be interested in shuttles initiative to allow you to build your own laptop. You'd still have to buy the motherboard, screen, casing, and keyboard, but you could use the CPU, RAM, and Drives from your current Acer. Well, so long as you don't mind putting together a really small and delicate system ^_^
  4. ..... MAN! Then plz tell me how to increase the dedicated memory of my agp card which is 256
  5. :S ..... dedicated grafix card!?!?!?! if its dedicated @ 256MB then thats the highest you'll see - overclocking your graphics card isnt an option, you'll just fry the chip in doing so. If it were hyper memory, you could've increased your overall ram to notice an increase in graphics memory.
  6. i have ati radeon hd 4200with hyper memory of 1408mb.but its dedicated video memory is 256 tell me how to increase it or if it can increase?
  7. the feature is in the catalyst driver control panel...thats where i last saw it.
  8. what is the meaning of that?there it shows memory size of 1408mb.but it only dedicate 256 mb.plz tell me how to increase it?i have every thing good in my laptop only reason is this agp card.
  9. You cant magically still your system ram and make it float over to the integrated chip... youll have to suffice with the 256mb of sideport ram and use shared ram to cover the rest
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