GTX 275 + Dedicated physx

Ok so here is my setup first of:

Q6600 CPU

750i FTW mobo

8GBs of RAM

Corsair tx750w PSU

2X 250GB HDD in Raid 0

1X 1TB

1X 200GB


Im looking to get a dedicated physx card and been reading tones of info on what is better to get and what card is the best bang for your buck. I know that SP is want i should be looking at mainly from what i have deen reading so i have narrowed it down to either a GTS 250 or GT 240. Either card is roughtly the same price tag but i wanted to know if GT 240 with DDR5 would be a better bet then a GTS 250 DDR3. Also the 1GB or 512MB for the 240? A GTS 250 1GB is a little on the high side so i wont be looking at that.

the cards im looking at are :

What would be the better choice to pair up with my GTX 275 FTW?
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  1. Personally id go with the GT240 1gb version. Also THW had article bout this few weeks ago, and they concluded the GT220 was the best price/performance ratio dedicated physx card
  2. you have a link for that article?
  3. Uh, you don't have any old cards lying arround that you want to use for PhysX? Are you sure you want to spend the money on PhtysX? Do you play PhysX games? It is realy worth it for you? Prehaps you would be better served by selling you're old card, and saving the money on the physx card, and using it to buy a new DX11 card?
  4. Im not an ATI fan so no 5XXX card, yes i plan on play physx games, no i dont have a extra card lying around.
  5. Do you really need a Dedicated Physx card with a GTX275?
  6. Well from what i have read here and there, you still get a performance boost in physx enable games when using a dedicated card. Anyhow, i have decided to go with the GTS 250 after getting a few more respose on other forums.

    Thx to everyone that gave there opinion :)
  7. saitoh183 said:
    Im not an ATI fan so no 5XXX card, yes i plan on play physx games, no i dont have a extra card lying around.

    Ok, so you're not an ATI fan. Very few people are. That doesn't mean that you can't open you're eyes and see that ATI is the better buy right now. You're realy better of seling that GTX 275 on Ebay, for about 200$, maybe more, and saving 100$ for the PhysX card. that gets you 300$, wich is enogh to upgrade to a 5850. Or you could throw another 100$ in there, and buy a 5870. Give me a good reason why you don't want to buy ATI now. And no, you don't use 3D vision so you can't say that. And PhysX isn't comparable to the huge benefits fo the 5850/5870 has over you're card.
  8. Sorry Builder, but i didnt open a thread to debate on weather i should get an ATI over Nvidia. I just got my GTX 275 a few months ago and im not about to seel it for less money then i paid just to go to a 5XXX card. I have my opnion on Physx and i have nothing against ATI, im just not a fan. If you cant answer my OP question, then just dont bother posting. I know ATI is a good buy atm, its just not for me.
  9. Alright fine. just awnser one thing. If ATI is a good buy, then why is it not for you?

    Don't say 3d vision, you don't use it. PhysX is not the best thing since sliced bread.
  10. I wont say 3D not for me because my GTX 275 is barely 4 months old...Why on gods green earth would i sell it??...the phyxs card combined with my GTX 275 card will still have cost me less then the 5XXX and i will still have a very FPS in almost any game.
  11. BC2? Crysis 2? Crysis?
  12. What about them?...tried BC2 not to into it for crysis got boared
  13. Ignore this Builderbobftw, edited.
    I would go with the gts 250 if its the same price, don't think the faster memory is as important as cuda cores.
    Saw some gt240's for as low as 60.00 dollars after rebate.
  14. Get a GT 220 for most PhysX games:
    Mirrors Edge
    Sacred 2

    A GTS 250/9800GTX+ for Batman: AA

    Personally I would never buy an extra card for 3 games.
  15. @notty22

    Thx for your advice
  16. @ sabot00

    just have the extra cash to spare
  17. I wish I were you, ahh, 3 screens and HAWX...
  18. I cant actually find the article, but i swear i read something somewhere to go with a gt240 or a gt220...
  19. Best answer
    well again i would ask if you really need a physx card, I'm assuming when you say 275 ftw that you mean evga correct. Well I have batman arkham aslyum, and with physx on the medium settings, i get a solid 60fps, on a 1080p monitor max settings. But a sure about the dedicated card, then a 240gt or 250gts would be fine
  20. Medium settings, Ewww.
  21. @jonnyboyC

    Yes EVGA GTX 275 FTW with dual monitors running at 1920X1080
    Im geeting Batman in a few days and i already have Cryostasis and Dark Void.
  22. Cryostasis was fun.
  23. OK well if your going for dual 1080's then that would warrant a dedicated card. I know that cryostatis had a pretty big performance hit with physx enabled. and my recommendation still stands at a 240gt or 250gts. Both of these will most likely max out the physx settings, so you won't have to worry about that bottlenecking your 275
  24. What are you doing with dual monitors? You can't play the same game on them, nor 2 different ones as they keyboard & mouse is locked into 1.
  25. Why would you want to pay that much for PhysX? I understand people wanting to pay 100$ for 3D vision, but PhysX????? I thought that the only people who used it were people suffering from buyers remorse and wanted to justify thier purchase, and people who had a sapre card lying around.
  26. the second monitor is still being used even if it not a game running on it...
  27. OK, as jonny was recommending a dedicated card, which you do not need.
  28. Best answer selected by saitoh183.
  29. Okay first of all the GT 200 Series all together is not a PhysX dedicated card or PhysX featured card. Look at they're spec sheets, details on what they offer, and u wont see "PhysX listed in under any of the GT badged 200 series cards. i.e 210, 220, 240 (GT) Now the GTS 250 is a PhysX enabled and supported card. It's the G92 Core based card identical to the 8800 Gts G92 and 9800 Gtx cards. Simply rebadged as a entry level for the 200 series card line.

    If ur asking which of the 2 to choose to go with ur setup, then for sure the GTS 250. I also am running a FTW 275 GTX with a 8800 Gts G92 setup till recently, I swapped it out for a 9800 GT.

    So out of the 2 the GTS 250 is ur best choice if it's gonna be just a PhysX card. Or U could just buy a 9800 GT and save some money. Same as the GTS250 just a few stream cores short and I believe they're being sold for around $120 now, with $20 rebates. All the PhysX card bundles being sold by a few online retailers are whatever certain card with a 9800 GT.

    Hope that helped.
  30. Well welcome newcomer, you necroed a old thread, and your wrong on your info.

    The 220,240 are physx capable.

    Check out Nvidia
    PhysX capable gpu's

    Click on the Gt 220, Features NVIDIA® PhysX® Technology1
    GeForce GPU support for NVIDIA PhysX technology, enabling a totally new class of physical gaming interaction for a more dynamic and realistic experience with GeForce.
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