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Hi, I did a performance test recently (benchmarking I guess) and got some weird results. I ran PerformanceTest 7.0 and under the System tab and under Memory Information there, it shows that I have 3327 MB RAM and 2538 MB RAM of available memory. However, through slots 1~4 the memory comes out as N/A. When I compared with someone elses, his/hers shows information of the memory (DDR2. 1024MB. 667MHz). Does this mean I have problems with my RAM or motherboard or have I set up something wrong? If anyone has that program, it's uploaded under ipibl-la Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 1597 BL614568. If anyone can see my results and tell me if there may be problems with any of the results it would be so helpful. Thank you in advance. Oh and are there problems with using two different brand RAMs? I currently use 2 Corsairs and 2 Samsung RAMs.
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  1. If you read the motherboard manual it is highly recommended that you use same model and brand of ram module. Maybe that could be causing the problem. Try using the 2 corsair only and run the benchmark and see if there is unusual result.
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