System for 3DS MAX, AutoCAD & Digital Project

This is the system that I am proposing putting together. This is my first time and I am thinking about overlocking as well.

Processor=i7 920-----$199.00
Graphics Card=Nvidia Quadro FX 580-----$189.99
MoBO=Asus P6T X58-----$229.99
Power Supply=ANTEC Earthwatts 750w ATX----$99.99
Case=ANTEC ATX Mid Tower Case----$49.99
HardDrive =1 TB Hard Drive OEM/Retail----$84.99
RAM=Corsair 6GB i7 triple kit CL8----$179.99
DVD=LG CD/DVD 24x internal SATA DVD-RW----$29.99
Cooler=V8 Universal CPU Cooler $59.99

Any and all comments would be helpful. Especially pertaining to the graphics card, as I thought about spending more and getting the FX 1800 instead of the FX 580. Would I really notice a huge difference between the cards? Most of my work is architecturally related. I use the Adobe suite heavily as well as CAD, 3DS MAX and Digital Project(Catia). At times the models get complex and its frustrating to use a laptop; Which is the reason for building my own system. Money is an issue and would like to keep everything priced at what I have already, which is somewhere around $1200.

As soon as I get a blessing on this build I will purchase the components immediately.

Thanks in advance.

Geraud Duroc
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  1. From my experience with Maya and CAD, the CPU is more important. The graphics card is still crucial, but you should be fine with the FX 580. When rendering stuff you will be relying mostly on the processor.
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