Lighting strike let's computer start but says no signal at monitor


The computer sounds just like it alwasy has...a very light / lightning strike knocked the computer off, through multile power when it reboots the monitor indicates "no signal" I have checked the cpu for scoring, powersupplys and all fans seem to be operating normally? When I disconnect the monitor from the computer (the monitor is not the problem)
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  1. test the monitor with a known working pc.
    that will rule out the monitor as the problem
  2. maybe it fried your graphics card? try with onboard gfx if you can or another card
  3. I just tried a working graphics card. still nothing, just no signal. monitor works hooked my other computer to it.. Please help. Same thing with my 2 tv's no signal. when I turn them on and then comcast... Crying like a little baby.
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